This is the conference room in RuBert Studios, a 23,000 square foot building that I share with my husband Russ who is a sculptor. The building was formerly a peanut butter factory, then a machine and tool shop, and then an audiotape factory. We spend a year working on the building between other projects.

Each of the offices in the front had a different type of paneling which we ripped off to get back to the bare cinder block walls. On those walls Russ slathered on layer after layer of sheet rock mud to create a stucco effect. I painted the walls with layers of oil glazes, each room a different color.

In the photo above, you can see a wall sculpture by Russ called "Tsunami" and a big whirlwind of creative energy we painted on the back wall. On the right is a photo of another of Russ's large public installation pieces and in the center is the "Sunburst" table he made out of naval brass. On the floor you can see the bright tile patterns we installed throughout the front offices.

In the back welding areas and warehouse, we had to clean the walls, ceilings, and floors. It took over 300 gallons of paint to do the walls and ceiling of the warehouse, so the total building probably took about 400 gallons of paint.