Rachelly Roggel - Dust into Gold
Rehovot, Israel

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Quiltart challenge: Tales of the Boomerang Gang

When I was growing up, dust collected in our house vacuum turned into gold -- literally! My parents' vacuum cleaner bags contained gold particles. My father, a goldsmith by trade, sold the dust to the gold refinery. Each year, one pound of gold was recovered from those bags.

I also treat my vacuum cleaner bags as a gold mine, as they contain buttons and beads collected from my studio carpet. Just like my father, I recover those treasure (button/beads) from the bags.

"Dust into Gold" is made of a green disposable vacuum cleaner bag. My father's photo in the bag collar is surrounded by golden beads with the gold symbol (Au) of the Periodic Table.

This is a conceptual quilt, but also a realistic view of my vacuum cleaner bag.