Tristan Robin Blakeman - ...And All the Gods Wept
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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Challenge: 8th Deadly Sin

Sin: Intolerance

I am often shocked -- and always bewildered -- by those who are rabidly anti-gay, especially when the reason for their mean-spiritedness is attributed to their relgious faith.

In this quilt there are gods of many religions depicted: Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, Greek and Roman gods, pagan dieties, and a few good ole American gods and goddesses (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Glinda the Good Witch).


Each of the goods and goddesses has a crystal 'tear' in his or her eye. They are all looking towards the 'flaming' area where there are photographs of some of the anti-gay demonstrators.

One man holds a sign that screams, "Gay? God Abhors You." Another one states, "Fags Die - God Laughs." The hatred and anger in the eyes of these people startle me. They make me realize just how divided our country is over something as simple as who people love.