My drawings have appeared in many forms throughout my life, but it was love of the handcrafted object that inspired me to combine drawings with quilts. Each fabric I use has a unique personality, and the pattern on pattern brings humor and spontaneity to the stories. The raw scissor-cut edges have a spontaneous energy that remind me of the hand-drawn line.

Quilting with thread creates texture and structure and at the same time, communicates symbolic images and motifs. Quilting is a meditative process, and I think of the quilted line as a thread of thought wandering over the surface of the entire quilt …images of grass, wind, water, noses and kneecaps guide my hands and needle as I sew.

I work large so I have room to add jokes and stories within the story, and sometimes I find myself laughing out loud, even when working alone in my studio. I’ve always believed that humor and creativity are linked — they both seem related to the ability to step outside of ourselves and look at things from a different or surprising viewpoint.

In many of my quilts there is a woman I call PaMdora — she views the world around her with a strange mixture of astonishment, dismay, and amusement. My everyday life is the seed for these quilts, a weird combination of worrying about important things like alien invasions or small things like being late for a date.

Although these stories are embellished for entertainment and to fantastic ends, elements of each of these stories are real to me, and I find, to many people. I enjoy sharing these connections. It’s a way to bring us a little closer together, and if I also happen to make you smile or laugh, that’s even better.