Gloria Hansen - Shattered
Hightstown, New Jersey, USA

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When Quiltart was still an infant, this quilt was part of an online show of Quiltart members. The title of the quilt, "Shattered" captures the effect Quiltart has had on me since being a member: I learned to "shatter" my self-imposed adherence to the rules of traditional quiltmaking and to embrace alternative techniques. I believe this growth is due in part due to the daily sharing with Quiltart list members.

"Shattered" was designed as a line drawing using the program Canvas on a Macintosh computer; I painted, dyed, or airbrushed many of the quilt's fabrics. It was machine pieced, hand quilted, and completed in 1996.

Today I primarily use Photoshop as a design tool. In addition, I also enjoy digitally designing and printing fabrics using archival inkjet inks. I also enjoy incorporating photographs and otehr imagery into my quilts.