Susan Shie and James Accord - Baby Fridge
Wooster, Ohio, USA

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Challenge: Refrigerator Magnet Challenge

I painted and began to quilt this piece during out Turtle Art Camp. We had just gotten a new Subaru Outback and with it, a baby fridge that you can plug into the cigarette lighter. The challenge show on Quiltart was called "Refrigerator Icons."

In airbrush painting the composition on this piece, I asked each student what they would like to see. Jimmy used Baby Fridge to demonstrate his very precise machine zigzag freehand work over my handwriting. I hand embroidered most of the writing and image lines.

We haven't used the Baby Fridge much at all, but we finally bought the AC adapter this June, to use the fridge during a family move while they waited for their appliances to be delivered.

Rubbermaid has come out with a new cooler, some space age marvel that holds ice for five days! Baby Fridge may be a white elephant now! Ah, but wait! If you turn her plug around, she HEATS too! Yea!