Shades of Orange (detail) by Unknown Quilter
from the collection of Joyce Gross, Petaluma, California, USA

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The quilt came to me in a group of five, inherited by a woman from a Texas relative with no provenance. Knowing my weakness for quilts, she asked if I would be interested.

We started to look at the quilts. Though I was really not interested in buying a quilt, I looked twice at a blue and white "snowflake" before continuing. The others were well-made but not tempting.

The very last one was a show-stopper! The three shades of orange flowers and border with the quilting in black embroidery made me know I had to have it!

It seemed obvious that all the quilts were made by the same person, and though I don't know anything about her except she is a fine quiltmaker, I am hoping, because I am an optimist and believe in miracles, that someone here viewing the quilt will remember this one. Then we will give her the recognition she deserves.