Annie Stoltz (detail) circa 1930's
from the collection of Joyce Gross, Petaluma, California, USA

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Annie Stoltz lived in Paradise, California when I met here in 1981. She was a spry 86 years old. The Paradise Quilter's Group and I were sponsoring a one-woman show in honor of Pine Eisfeller. Paradise is a small town in Nothern California and when the newspaper carried a big story about this important event, Annie decided to let us know about her quilt. She called one of the group and asked if I would come and see her quilts.

I spent a couple of hours looking and admiring her quilts and listening to her tell stories about the quilts. She was delightful and I am sure more than her own grandchildren call her grandmother.

The last quilt she showed me was this quilt made with hexagons. Each rosette was composed of six carefully cut out Disney figures and each rosette was a different group. She explained to me she had made it for a great-grandchild who had yet to make an appearance, and she was giving up hope.

She showed me how she would take a child onto her lap and make up stories about the figures in the quilt -- sometimes about Disney chrarcters, sometimes about Indians or maybe kittens. She said children loved it.


I'm not sure how the subject came up, but it really seemed to me she wanted me to have that quilt. I never thought she would part with it but she finally put it into my arms and said, "would you like to buy it?" and I did!

Many people ask me why I don't bind the quilt. Somehow it seems right to leave it just the way Annie gave it to me. It has Crepeline to hold it together. Don't you just love it!